Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Modi Fever

We see it everywhere, hear it everywhere. Scores of people are going crazy, chanting "Abki baar Modi sarkar (This time [we want] the Modi government)!" and posting the same on their Facebook pages and Timelines. Indeed, even our beloved Chetan Bhagat wasn't spared from this disgraceful scourge, as evidenced by the selfie he took with Narendra Modi. It seems that the entire country is ready to enter a phase of self-destruction, by voting for a cold, inconsiderate (he has no consideration for the LGBT community), calculating charlatan, who seems to have the majority of the country under his control.
  Pro-Modi people (commonly referred to as Modibots by Congress and AAP-supporters), say that Modi will bring a fresh wave of development to this country. They attempt to bolster their case by citing the example of Gujarat. Gujarat, they argue, is the most developed state of India, and this development occurred under the rule of the Modi government. As a testament to this, they say, every village in Gujarat is electrified, an amenity that most villages in India lack. They do not stop to look at the facts either. For instance the 1996 census shows that all villages in Gujarat were electrified much before Modi entered the scene. Furthermore, the aforementioned villages also have their fundamental deficiencies, such as lack of clean drinking water. BJP, Modi's party, is chock full of incorrigibly corrupt people, many of whom were involved in high-profile scams throughout the country.
  In all of this, we seem to have sidelined poor Kejriwal. He left his position as Chief Minister of New Delhi, not out of cowardice, but taking cognizance of the fact that his party had failed in its duties to the nation, and he couldn't even think of putting on a charade of ongoing development for the sake of his own comfort. His party has more qualified people, some of whom have had political experience abroad, and an AAP government formed would bring these people to the forefront.
  As a Soka Gakkai member, I'm not allowed to take part in political promotions of any kind. But I beseech my fellow countrymen not to vote for a madman with antiquated views, and without the country's best interests at heart.
P.S.: Stop it with the "Abki baar Modi sarkar" shit. It's annoying as hell. The 'Janta maaf nahi karegi' memes are hilarious, though.