Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Important Announcement: Excerpts To Be Made Available for Select Novels

Hey guys, it's your own DJ Death Spider (or Charioteer Mode,as that's my pen name), and today I would like to make an important announcement. As some of you may know (or might not know), I have a proclivity for writing prose, and becoming a successful writer is one of my aspirations. However, due to low academic performance and high burden of work, I might not be able to continue the novels that I'm working on, at least not this year. So, as a special gift from a writer and blogger to his loyal readers, I'll be giving you excerpts of select novels I'm working on, released every Tuesday. Please note that these are not the finished chapters, and some of the text you may encounter may strike you as crude or vulgar. These chapters' drafts are by no means finished, and will be edited when I get time to work on releasing the finalised novels. Thank you very much for your patience.

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