Monday, January 25, 2016

Download Torrents In the Cloud: Offload Torrents To MEGA and AWS with A Simple Script

Hey guys, Charioteer Mode back with another awesome tutorial. Since closed its doors to free users, and Baidu started acting erratic when leeching torrents, here is a new, novel method to download torrents directly to your AWS or MEGA cloud drive. The only limiting factor here is your storage plan. I'd recommend you sign up with MEGA ( before proceeding to the first step.

1. Create a Heroku account.

Heroku is a service for deploying apps in the cloud. Among other things, with a premium account, you will have enough juice to mine cryptocurrencies. However, we're focusing on the free tier here, which also gets a hell lotta work done. After filling up all the details and clicking on 'Create Free Account', click on the verification link in your email.

2. Deploy Torrent-Cloud to Heroku

Go to, scroll down to the 'Deploy to Heroku' button, and click it. You will be led to a page on which you will have to specify a new domain name for your 'app' (Heroku works as app modules).
1. In MEGA_EMAIL, type your MEGA email.
2. In MEGA_PASS, type your MEGA password.
When you click create, you will have a brand new app (actually the Torrent-Cloud javascript) running in a new URL, connected to your MEGA cloud. It should look something like this:
I've blacked out my domain name because I don't want people spamming my cloud storage with random shit and filling it up.

1. After I refresh the page, or close the tab and reopen the app, it gives me a bunch of errors at the bottom, and the webpage looks totally different. What do I do?
Solution: No problem, just go to your dashboard in Heroku, and change the domain name, and then use the app with the new URL. Although I suggest you constantly keep the Torrent-Cloud app tab open.

2. Will this affect my leeching downloads?
Solution: No, although leech speed may be decreased.

3. My speed decays to 0 B/s after a couple of MBs. Why?
This can happen due to one of two reasons:
1. You have run out of data on your cloud storage or
2. It's loading the next buffer. Buffer size for torrents on Torrent-Cloud is 50 mb.

4. What cloud services are supported?
Currently, only MEGA and AWS (Amazon Web Services) are supported. Also, since this is a depreciated repository, it is not likely to be updated in the future.

5. Can I mine bitcoins/litecoins/Dogecoins with the free tier of Heroku?
Short answer: no. Long answer: Free tier access gives you only 512 mb RAM in the cloud, which is worser than that of even the cheapest PC available today. It would take decades to mine a few satoshi with an i5 standard gaming rig, so unless you are an immortal being who can live for millenia, mining bitcoins is not possible in the free tier of Heroku. Invest a little money though, and you can get good results, sometimes within 24 hours.

Thank you!


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